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HTS is the Italian partner who will accompany you on an innovation journey, from the management of technical-regulatory compliance to the efficiency of business processes:

Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

For over 15 years we have produced proprietary software for computer security, attentive and flexible in interpreting and adapting to the demands of a constantly evolving market.

In a society where there are increasingly difficulties in complying with compliance, HTS manages and transforms these complexities, making them simple and developing all the necessary software to improve internal organizational systems within companies.

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What we do

What we do

Our proposal ranges from consultancy to products, up to their potential customization.

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We offer a professional and complete service in the field of cybersecurity, providing support from regulatory compliance to IT security.

The consultancy team also evaluates and suggests computer solutions (products or custom developments) capable of meeting the client’s needs. In addition, it can provide specialist training on regulatory compliance and security issues.

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We offer software platforms available in on-premises and cloud mode that guarantee:

  • from the compliance point of view, the perfect integration with other management systems, traceability and control of operational processes, effective communication with responsible parties and the management of substantial legislative documentation;
  • from the functional point of view, the simplification of operational processes, the reduction of costs and times in carrying out activities, the increase in productivity and therefore efficiency.
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We add to the need a service of analysis, design and development of web and mobile solutions for digital transformation projects in the field of security, automation, and process control.

The development team creates custom solutions upon request from the client, to effectively respond to the specific needs of roles and sectors.

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Who we address

Who we address

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Public Administration

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Financial Insurance

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The experience gained over the years in projects of varied complexity has confirmed the importance of investing in the standardization of our software products, to make them responsive to the normative and technological needs of different types of companies.

The competence of our team combined with the ready-to-use solutions we offer find daily confirmation in the satisfaction of our clients.

“We chose the COALA Log Management solution because it meets our regulatory and compliance needs.

On the one hand, we effectively comply with the 2017 European law that requires us to retain traffic data for the purpose of combating and preventing crime and terrorism, and on the other hand, we comply with GDPR through the integrated and automated management of logs, reducing management costs and ensuring integrity, confidentiality, and non-alterability of the collected data.

In addition to these two aspects, the ability to analyze the collected data in real-time is valuable because it allows us to have real-time monitoring of service status, identifying potential issues in advance.”

Antonio Cantoro

“As a small municipality, we were looking for a solution for log management that would allow us to comply with the provisions of the new European privacy regulation (GDPR) and also with the requirements set out in the minimum security measures issued by AgID for the public administration.

We chose HTS’s LOGBOX because, in addition to meeting Italian and European regulatory compliance in the area of logs (GDPR and AgID), it is a cloud service, therefore without any impact on our IT infrastructure, and because it comes with a very professional consultancy and assistance service that allowed us to comply without having to seek further external support and to be confident in the future. In addition, the cost of the LOGBOX service is aligned with the size of a small municipality like ours.”


“Trieste is the Italian port that boasts the record for the highest flow of goods from the major global companies. When the ship is in port and can be loaded/unloaded, it is important that the operation is carried out as quickly as possible to allow the customer to depart and save the costs of mooring. In this scenario, it was necessary to digitize and automate the process of creating the dock labor starting lists by the port labor agency art 17 to support the employees in managing work peaks.

The software, developed by HTS after a careful analysis phase, allows for the rapid creation of the “Farfalla” printout for the day, making us more efficient in managing possible unexpected events and meeting the customer’s needs in a timely manner. Today, we can create shifts involving 200 people in just a few clicks in compliance with current regulations.”


“After a long software selection process, we adopted LOGBOX, HTS’s cloud-based Log Management solution, because it combines compliance aspects with system monitoring and control.

In addition to collecting and storing logs for regulatory purposes, we find the included report models very useful, such as access analysis, system administration operations, etc.

Furthermore, the ability to set alarms based on log content is effective in promptly identifying unwanted access, potential abuse, or abnormal system use (data breach).”


Renzo Specoli

“IAM optimizes and reduces the time related to assistance from our IT department. Before, we used to manually manage lists on Excel of accounts with their respective access profiles to over a thousand file server folders and execute repetitive processes such as password changes. Thanks to the platform, our team’s resources are now freed up from these types of tasks and engaged in activities with greater added value for the company.

The implementation of IAM has also proven valuable in terms of GDPR compliance: with just a few clicks, we can automate the document process related to user and Data Protection Officer (DPO) appointment letters, as well as support consultants in preparing the records of processing activities and data protection impact assessments (DPIAs).”


Mauro Mario

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