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How much time do you waste managing log files?
How much does it cost to fail to detect possible unwanted access to IT infrastructure and company data?

If you need to adapt your computer network to current regulations (e.g. GDPR) and security compliance (e.g. P.C.I., 27001), COALA is the right solution!
COALA is the complete software available in on-premises mode for log management and analysis that meets the corporate compliance, security and control needs of any type of company, private or public.

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Key Features

It acquires, centralizes and archives logs

ensuring their completeness, inalterability and integrity for compliance purpose

It constantly monitors the security

of all data processing processes, responding to the needs of the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) by System Administrators (AdS)

It offers different types of analysis

useful both for regulatory compliance and for monitoring and verifying system usage and information security

It allows you to set real-time alarms

based on log content and monitoring dashboards to promptly identify system anomalies and data access issues

It produces basic, detailed and customized reports

come strumenti a supporto di verifiche pianificate e come documentazione dei risultati dei controlli periodici

It builds a reliable and comprehensive database

fundamental for the correctness of any type of analysis, debugging activity and anomaly detection

It reduces time, personnel and infrastructure resources

dedicated to compliance management

What it allows you to do

Caratteristiche di

Coala is available in on-premises mode and consists of 5 modules, each with its own functionality:


  • Real-time acquisition with agent or agentless
  • Centralized configuration and monitoring
  • Raw format logs and data security (transport, storage, etc.)
  • Automatic log deletion based on configurable retention and differentiable by log source
  • System alerts for malfunction anomalies
  • Internal logs of operations and operating status

Analysis Real Time

  • Real-time analysis and indexing
  • Full-text search
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Custom analysis templates
  • Integration with other modules for advanced analysis

Analysis On Demand

  • Indexing and analysis of data based on needs (e.g. requests for retrospective verifications)
  • Complementary analysis (e.g. time interval) or independent of real time
  • Integration with real-time for optimization of infrastructure resources (e.g. storage)


  • Self-managed report management
  • On-demand, periodic and scheduled reports
  • Included standard report templates
  • Custom report templates
  • Historical archive of produced reports


  • Configurable alarms based on log content
  • “Manual” and catalog alarms
  • Included standard alarm catalog
  • Custom alarm catalog
  • Centralized consultation and verification of the history of alarms and notifications generated (email, snmp, etc.)

Do you want a Log Management solution in the cloud?

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Together with Coala
HTS consultancy and services

Log management for compliance and security purposes requires experience and knowledge of best practices and regulatory standards.

In addition to the COALA solution, HTS provides its customers with consulting and training services: through its team of certified professionals, HTS is able to support digital transformation projects from the analysis of the existing situation to the deployment of the necessary tools for monitoring and Log Management

Log Management On-Premises focus

Why choose Coala?

“We chose the COALA Log Management solution because it meets our regulatory and compliance needs.

On the one hand, we effectively comply with the 2017 European law that requires us to retain traffic data for the purpose of combating and preventing crime and terrorism, and on the other hand, we comply with GDPR through the integrated and automated management of logs, reducing management costs and ensuring integrity, confidentiality, and non-alterability of the collected data.

In addition to these two aspects, the ability to analyze the collected data in real-time is valuable because it allows us to have real-time monitoring of service status, identifying potential issues in advance.”

Antonio Cantoro

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