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How much time do you waste creating and restoring users on different applications?

How much does it cost, in terms of security, to leave an access that should have been revoked active?

When the number of users, requests, and applications grows, IAM is the right solution!

IAM – Identity Account Management – is the cloud platform for managing digital identities, access privileges, and provisioning. It ensures greater productive efficiency of the IT department and effectively supports IT Managers, System Administrators (AdS), Data Protection Officers (GDPR), and Internal Auditors in the compliance process.

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Key Features

It manages digital identities

of all actors involved in internal or external business processes compared to the organization

It simplifies support processes

related to user activation, password recovery, privilege revocation, or user deactivation from the company's applications and devices

It integrates with flow and information sources

optimizing the approval and release processes of digital identities within the organization

It tracks activities carried out within the organization

ensuring the storage of information

It automates "provisioning" processes

of identities on different applications, optimizing the processing time of requests and minimizing the possibility of errors

It protects and centralizes information and data

for the execution of any emergency activities on IT systems

It provides effective and comprehensive reports and dashboards

for a detailed view of the organization's status in the context of digital identity management processes

It interfaces with existing applications and data sources

in an automatic/semi-automatic way

What it allows you to do

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IAM offers a unique platform for monitoring and managing identities and privileges in a centralized way. These are its features:

Approval flow management

  • Authorization management
  • Management of application profiles/roles within the company
  • Self-service password recovery by the user


  • Management of process documentation (with the possibility of digital signature and substitute preservation)


  • Automatic activation of the user within the domain
  • Automatic activation of users integrated with information flows deriving from human resources management systems (HR)
  • Management of identity provisioning

Monitoring and Audit

  • Management of Digital Envelopes
  • Management of control audits and Active Directory audits

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Together with IAM, HTS consulting and services

Planning and implementing digital identity management processes require experience, knowledge of industry best practices, and reference standards. In addition to the IAM solution, HTS provides customers with its consultancy and training services: through its team of certified professionals, HTS is able to support digital transformation projects from the analysis of the existing situation to the production of the tools necessary for the implementation of digital identity management processes.

Identity Account Management focus

Why choose IAM?

“IAM optimizes and reduces the time related to assistance from our IT department. Before, we used to manually manage lists on Excel of accounts with their respective access profiles to over a thousand file server folders and execute repetitive processes such as password changes. Thanks to the platform, our team’s resources are now freed up from these types of tasks and engaged in activities with greater added value for the company.

The implementation of IAM has also proven valuable in terms of GDPR compliance: with just a few clicks, we can automate the document process related to user and Data Protection Officer (DPO) appointment letters, as well as support consultants in preparing the records of processing activities and data protection impact assessments (DPIAs).”


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