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How long does it take to create calendars and reports from both digital and non-digital sources? What is the cost of using unqualified personnel in service delivery? What are the risks involved if the personnel do not have the necessary qualifications?

When there is a need to manage human capital effectively and improve organizational efficiency, BUTTERFLY is the right solution!

BUTTERFLY is a software platform + web-app that optimizes workforce management by combining regulatory compliance with automatic creation of reports and schedules.
It caters to HR managers and shift managers in both public and private organizations, helping them select the right people at the right time and for the right job.

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Key Features

It automatically manages shift/scheduling lists

and matches them with worker requests or preferences

It takes into account worker qualifications

for specific tasks (health, IT, and operational certifications)

It generates various types of statistics and analyses

related to costs, workloads, productivity, etc.

It promptly manages worker information

such as demographics, certifications, training, job roles, sickness, attendance, health protocols, etc.

It optimizes workforce planning efficiency

based on needs - including unforeseen ones - and, therefore, reduces rework-related costs

It improves communication between management

and workers and involves the latter in the planning process, increasing loyalty and reducing turnover

It enables the provision of high-level customer service

by timely allocating people with the right skills and monitoring their productivity

It increases business profitability

through internal process optimization and labor cost reduction

What it allows you to do

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BUTTERFLY allows for the speeding up of the process of selection, management, and allocation of the workforce. It is available in web and web-app versions with specific functionalities:


  • Management of worker personal data
  • Timely management of attendance and absence
  • Generation of necessary data for payroll production


  • Management of job descriptions, related risks, and limitations
  • Management of sick leave and continuation
  • Management of training and operational support activities
  • Analysis of INAIL tables and annual costs
  • Sanitary protocol schedule (e.g. alcohol and drug testing)
  • Management of worker certifications, from a health, training, and operational point of view


  • Analysis of workload and compensatory rest
  • Management of job openings and contracts
  • Automatic or assisted allocation of workers to job openings
  • Monthly billing statement


  • Advanced statistical reporting and management


  • Medical checkups and specific training
  • Document management
  • Job openings planned for the next 48 hours
  • Request for vacation days
  • Request for preferred shifts
  • Communication of availability for overtime work
  • Monthly summary of activities carried out

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Together with BUTTERFLY, HTS consultancy and services

The digitalization of processes requires experience, knowledge of best practices, and reference standards. In addition to its own products, HTS offers customers its analysis, management, and development of customized solutions. Through its team of certified professionals, HTS can support digital transformation projects from the analysis of the existing situation to the deployment of the necessary tools for organizational improvement.

Workforce Management focus

Why choose Butterfly?

“Trieste is the Italian port that boasts the record for the highest flow of goods from the major global companies. When the ship is in port and can be loaded/unloaded, it is important that the operation is carried out as quickly as possible to allow the customer to depart and save the costs of mooring. In this scenario, it was necessary to digitize and automate the process of creating the dock labor starting lists by the port labor agency art 17 to support the employees in managing work peaks.

The software, developed by HTS after a careful analysis phase, allows for the rapid creation of the “Farfalla” printout for the day, making us more efficient in managing possible unexpected events and meeting the customer’s needs in a timely manner. Today, we can create shifts involving 200 people in just a few clicks in compliance with current regulations.”


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