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IDENTYCARD is a cloud-based tool designed to simplify the provision of economic contributions, by municipalities or other public and private organizations, to citizens when they make purchases or for specific services. The service is provided on a certified AgID infrastructure, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR. Additionally, if requested, promotional materials such as flyers and signage can also be provided for communication purposes.

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Key Features

Compliance GDPR

Created in compliance with all current privacy regulations.

High customization

It is possible to configure discount ranges and spending limits per period, per individual transaction, and based on thresholds.

Compliance AgID

The cloud management service is hosted on a certified AgID infrastructure.

Card monitoring

It allows monitoring the usage of cards to keep track of expiration dates and spending limits.

Alerts on card usage

It is possible to configure alerts for improper card usage.

One solution

HTS - Hi-Tech Services provides the software and the hardware necessary.

What it allows you to do

Caratteristiche di

IDENTYCARD consists of two inseparable components:

IdentyCard WEB

the web application used by operators in municipalities or other public (or private) entities who manage the project. The database, containing the collected information, is appropriately encrypted in compliance with GDPR regulations and current legislation.


The device provided to the merchant for reading IdentyCard cards, applying discounts, and managing services with the project promoter.

The device includes an Android operating system (version 6 or later), the “IdentyCard” application, Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, an NFC reader, a barcode reader (optional), and a transaction receipt printer (optional).

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Together with IdentyCard, HTS provides consulting and services.

In addition to the IdentyCard solution, HTS offers consulting and training services to its clients. With a team of certified professionals, HTS can support digital transformation projects from analyzing the current situation to implementing the necessary tools for security and privacy, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

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