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Cyber Chameleon analyzes individuals, organizations, and IT infrastructures to provide clients with the necessary information to make informed and secure decisions. It achieves this goal by offering four distinct services: Cyber Threat Intelligence, Economic Intelligence and country risk analysis, Reputational Analysis, and media exposure analysis.

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Key Features

Safe decision-making

The information provided with the service aims to help you make decisions with safeness.


Protecting the client while maintaining their confidentiality is one of the pillars of the service.

One shot or on going

The service can be provided both on a one-time basis and on an ongoing and regular basis over time.

What it allows you to do

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Cyber Chameleon offers 4 different services

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence service provides solutions for the prevention of cyber threats and the mitigation of the effects of attacks.

Early warning, dark web leak detection, threat analysis, global threat trend analysis, and typosquatting monitoring are just some of the solutions offered by this service.

Geopolitical Intelligence and Country Risk Analysis

Our service of ‘geopolitical intelligence’ and ‘country risk analysis’ analyzes the risks and opportunities in collaborating with individuals, both private and public, operating in international contexts.

By employing techniques of geopolitical intelligence and country risk assessment, it enables making decisions in a serene and secure manner.

Reputational Analysis

Our reputational analysis service assesses the reputation level of public figures, private individuals, and organizations.

It enables making informed decisions for: partnerships, hirings, appointments, collaborations, company formations, joint ventures, supplier evaluations, etc.

Media Exposure Analysis

Our Media Exposure Analysis service analyzes the web, print, and social media to provide information on the level of online media exposure.

It allows discovering how much, how, and where a specific person, company, or situation of interest is being discussed.

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Along with Cyber Chameleon, the consultancy and services of HTS.

In addition to Cyber Chameleon’s services, HTS provides clients with its consulting and training services: through its team of certified professionals, HTS can support digital transformation projects from analyzing the current situation to deploying the necessary tools for monitoring, log management, digital identity management, etc.

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