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Companies face challenges that often can’t be solved with a standard software. For this reason, in the last 10 years, we have been developing customized applications to specifically address the problems of companies, whether they are large or small.

Furthermore, our experience allows us to create software that complies with the latest regulations and directives in the fields of cybersecurity and privacy.

Key Features

Web development

.NET Core ASP MVC e .NET Core ASP Webapi environments

Desktop software

Using .NET Standard e .NET Core

Native and cross-platform app

For iOS e Android (Swift, Objective C, Java e PhoneGap, Xamarin, Flutter)

Back-office components

Back-office components development in C# e Java

IoT (internet of things)

Message queues, MQTT brokers, and protocols for exchanging information with IoT devices.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

IOTA and Ethereum

Front-end development

In Angular, Vue e Flutter

Distribuited Application

Erlang, Go, Akka e Akka.NET

Digital signatures

Graphometric and/or card

What it allows you to do

Caratteristiche di

Throughout our experience, we have developed software for:

Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance

We have developed software for cybersecurity and regulatory compliance (log management, workforce management for example). In particular, our experience allows us to create software that always pays attention to current regulations and cybersecurity.

Worker shift scheduling in critical environments with constraints.

We have developed software for the automatic management of shift scheduling and reporting for HR departments. Taking into account qualifications, personal data, and other criticalities and constraints dictated by the corporate environment.

Blockchain, transactions e NFT

We have worked on Blockchain technology for the historicization of events, data, logs, and transactions by developing specific SMART CONTRACTS on IOTA and ETHEREUM. Additionally, we have generated NFTs aimed at identifying unique resources and managing the transactions of such resources (e.g., artworks, company assets, access permissions to specific applications). Lastly, we have generated tokens for managing resource exchange processes and risk evaluation

Data collection and control of IoT devices

We have created software to connect the physical and digital worlds, interconnecting smart objects to collect data and monitor IoT devices.

Corporate information systems

We have developed software for the management of various business areas: from the warehouse to personnel up to the management of the active and passive cycle.

Laboratory management systems and data acquisition

We have worked on the development of software for managing data, personnel and apps to be used on the territory for laboratories.


We have developed software that enables the planning and organization of activities, speeding up business processes. It can be done manually or automatically, with spatial and temporal constraints.

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Together with our custom software, there are the consulting and the services of HTS.

Software development requires experience, knowledge of best practices, and regulatory standards. In addition to software development, HTS provides consulting and training services to its clients. With its team of certified professionals, HTS can support digital transformation projects from analyzing the current situation to the implementation of necessary tools for security and privacy, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

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