Public and Private Healthcare: How to Avoid Mistakes and Save 70% of IT Time.


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Public and Private Healthcare: How to Avoid Mistakes and Save 70% of IT Time.

Did you know that 70% of requests that reach the IT department of public and private healthcare are related to password reset and change? It’s an estimated percentage, of course, but realistic if we think that as the number of users increases, so does the complexity of managing them and all of their requests, including:

  1. the activation of the user profile and the assignment of access privileges to company resources,
  2. password recovery or modification of authorization in case of a change of position,
  3. the revocation of privileges or the deactivation of a user from the company’s application pool.

In everyday life, these steps are performed manually by the IT department based on requests received orally or via email, from the interested party or their manager. And we all know that the term “manually” hides a very high margin of error, which a healthcare company – with the type of sensitive data it handles – cannot afford.

What risk is involved by leaving an active access that was supposed to be revoked?

Who is responsible for security, the IT department or the manager?

To exclude any problems – regarding technical-normative compliance, security, and responsibility – especially in complex realities like public and private healthcare, the identity and access management process must be redesigned to be simple and centralized with the goal of

  1. actively involving the company manager in the definition of roles, responsibilities, and access privileges to resources;
  2. speeding up the IT operations and reducing the burden of support requests;
  3. automating the assignment, modification, or revocation of access on different applications;
  4. tracking all changes made and tracing back to any changes made;
  5. eliminating any possibility of security gaps and unwanted accesses.

And you? How do you manage identities and access to resources in your company? Have you already got a solution that allows you to automate and centralize processes (Identity and Access Management IAM)?

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